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Rudd’s charm drives ‘Our Idiot Brother’

Saturday, August 27th, 2011
Paul Rudd in "Our Idiot Brother" Ned is “Our Idiot Brother,” a pleasant and innocuous little comedy with a low-key charm from Paul Rudd.

“Our Idiot Brother” is a pleasant, innocuous little comedy given extra bounce and life by Paul Rudd’s charming and fluid performance as an idealistic man whose heart exceeds the size of his brain.

The first scene tells us everything we need to know about Jesse Peretz’s leisurely directing style.

A uniformed cop comes to an organic farm stand and asks a hippie-looking dude named Ned (Rudd) for some illicit weed.

Ned denies he has any. But after the cop practically begs for a dimebag (he’s had a really bad week, he says), Ned reluctantly gives him some grass. Then, the cop keeps insisting he wants to pay for it, until Ned finally gives in and quotes him a price.

“You’re under arrest!” the cop says.

“You’re kidding!” Ned replies.

Instead of instantly cutting to a shot of Ned in prison — a punchy visual requiring our brains to fill in the gaps — Peretz has Ned continue to talk to the cop until the officer finally convinces him that he’s seriously under arrest.

Not punchy. (Read more…)

Cast delivers in weak rom com ‘League’

Sunday, March 14th, 2010
Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve in "She's Out of My League" Nerdy Kirk (Jay Baruchel) can’t believe he’s dating the hot Molly (Alice Eve) in “She’s Out of My League.”

Here’s a breezy summer sex comedy that somehow jumped the gates and wound up as a spring break release.

Jim Field Smith’s “She’s Out of My League” is like a vintage Judd Apatow project, only not very well done.

It strives oh-so-hard to hit that Apatowian sweet spot between engaging, sympathetic characters and tasteless, vulgar funny business, and it partly succeeds, only because its committed cast makes the characters and plot a lot more fun than they deserve.

Employing a high degree of geek fantasy fulfillment, “She’s Out of My League” ponders what might happen if a nice nerd really could be attractive to a fetching hybrid of Christie Brinkley and Anna Nicole Smith.

Kirk (played by Jay Baruchel, of the Apatow production “Knocked Up”) and his best friends work for TSA, the airport security company.

The poor guy still pines for his callous ex-girlfriend (Lindsay Sloane) after two years.

All that changes when blonde bombshell attorney Molly (Brit actress Alice Eve) passes through security, and the men fall all over themselves to impress her.

Except Kirk.

He treats her like a regular person, and actually rescues her from the lolling tongues of his hormonal colleagues.

Realizing that she left her cell phone at the airport, Eve uses her friend’s cell to call her own. She gets Kirk, who promises to hold the phone until she returns from her trip.

They meet. They talk. They dig each other. (Read more…)